Congress has a chance to deliver for vets this Veterans Day

By Jason Crow, Mike Gallagher, Jared Golden and Van Taylor

With Veterans Day come familiar refrains of “thank you for your service,” “support the troops,” “honor those who served,” and more at picnics, stadiums, and event halls across the country. As veterans, we appreciate these sentiments and the spirit of patriotism in which they’re given, but we wouldn’t be the first to note that too often our country does not follow through on those words of support.

This year could be different. Congress has a rare chance to deliver, at least in part, on Americans’ pledges of support for veterans and servicemembers. Led by Representatives Jason Crow and Mike Gallagher, we have been working for years now on the final step necessary to build a memorial to American servicemembers who lost their lives in the Global War on Terrorism on the National Mall. We’re at the 5-yard line: we’ve passed the bill, the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Location Act, through the House and we’re incredibly close to getting it through the Senate.

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