Civic Nonprofit Polls Finds That America’s Youth Are Committed to Service

By Samuel O’Brient

For as long as their generation has existed, iGen members have been made well aware that their parents and grandparents generations consider them to be lazy and entitled, often lacking motivation.  The Millennials who came before them know this trend all too well. By and large Baby Boomers have made little effort to hide their feelings toward the nation’s youngest workforce. According to a recent poll from two civic nonprofits, though, today’s youth are anything but unmotivated when it comes to national service.

April 2021 saw With Honor Action and Voices for National Service, both nonprofit organizations based in the greater Washington DC area, launch a poll with the goal of measuring the attitudes of young people toward service, employment, and the economy. Surveying the opinions of 1,000 young adults between the ages of 18 and 24, the poll was released on May 11th after being conducted by Target Point Consulting and GQR, two industry leaders in the public opinion polling space. Its findings confirmed that interest in national service among college-aged and recently graduated adults is nearly universal, particularly with regards to organizations such as AmeriCorps.

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