USA Today: Why Biden COVID relief plan will fuel public service in America

USA Today

By Mary Tobin and Rye Barcott

Theodore Roosevelt, one of 31 presidents who served in uniform, said: “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.” He believed everyone had a duty to serve their country, if they were able.

Now, America’s need for national service is as great as it has ever been. So is the opportunity to serve.

Everyone has their own reason for putting on the uniform. For one of us, it was her path out of poverty. For the other, it was a military heritage from his father. We both had the privilege of leading Americans from vastly different backgrounds overseas.

What we all had in common was a sense of duty, of knowing that service gives us purpose and unites us, across age, race, gender and religion, in a deep appreciation for our country.

That is why we — and our fellow veterans and veteran organizations such as With Honor — believe that all Americans should have the opportunity to serve, at home or abroad, with the military or with the national service agency AmeriCorps.

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