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With Honor Action Announces Digital and Print Buy Thanking Congressman Mike Gallagher for Taking Care of our Troops

CHARLOTTE, NC– With Honor Action is launching a digital and print buy today thanking Congressman Mike Gallagher for his leadership on the House Armed Service Committee. Congressman Gallagher helped draft the recently passed bipartisan defense spending bill, which gives our troops a much-deserved pay raise and protects American technology from foreign manipulation. With Honor Action Co-Founder and CEO Rye Barcott released the following statement:

“We would like to thank Congressman Mike Gallagher for working across the aisles to make sure the bipartisan defense spending bill passed with provisions that supports our troops and fights against foreign manipulation. A Marine Corps Veteran, Congressman Gallagher continues to demonstrate that he will always put our country and the safety of our nation first.”

Find below is an example of a digital ad that will be running as a part of a $200,000 buy:

Click here to watch the :08 digital Facebook ad.