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With Honor Action Releases National Service Poll

Poll Shows Americans Want to Start Healing Political Divisions and View Expanding National Service as a Pathway

CHARLOTTE, NC – With Honor Action today released recent polling of attitudes towards national service in several closely divided congressional districts. Polling in these districts show that Americans are concerned about the direction of the country, looking for ways to heal the political divisions, and believe that expanding national service will help to bridge the gap. The polling also showed that Americans who participate in national service are more engaged in their communities and take on more civic responsibility.

“In a time of great polarization, we are pleased to see Americans across the country agree on this unifying idea: national service is important to the future of our country. We are stronger when Americans commit to serve their country as civilians or in the armed forces. We encourage Congress to take action this year to expand national service opportunities and civic education for all Americans,” says With Honor Action CEO & Co-Founder Rye Barcott.

Key Poll Findings Include:

In a time of great polarization, Americans are looking for ways to bind the political wounds that are hurting the country. They believe national service can help.

Participation in national service helps lead to increased civic engagement.

Poll participants across political parties are favorable towards national service once defined. Low pay is perceived as the main barrier.

Americans prioritize increasing national service to support disaster recover, help senior citizens, and help the homeless.

Nearly two-thirds favor increasing federal government spending to increase national service opportunities.

A majority of Americans want to increase funding and expand national service opportunities, but the case still needs to be made for expanding national service.

The poll memo and methodology can be found at this link.