With Honor Action is a cross-partisan movement dedicated to promoting and advancing principled veteran leadership in elected public service. For too long, gridlock and partisan bickering have plagued Congress, putting a halt on progress at the expense of the American people. Now a new generation of veterans has stepped up to serve again, committed to putting their country before party politics, and we are proud to support them in their efforts to change Congress.

As a part of our overall effort to highlight the importance of veterans and veteran issues, we support principled military veterans in Congress and help amplify their cross-partisan agenda that finds solutions for the American people. We also work with veteran candidates on the nuts and bolts of running for Congress, helping them organize their own campaigns and build a winning strategy.


To fight polarization in Congress with principled veteran leadership.


A stronger democracy with more cross-partisan veterans who take the With Honor pledge to serve with integrity, civility, and courage.

What We Do

Support organizations that promote cross-partisanship

We contribute to organizations that aim to make our government less polarized and more functional.

Support organizations that help veterans

We contribute to organizations that help advocate for veterans and veterans’ issues.

Enact substantial cross-partisan policies

We advocate for cross-partisan policies that help find solutions for the American people in areas including strengthening national defense, expanding opportunities for national service, and taking care of veterans and their families.

Work with veteran candidates

We support veteran candidates who are answering the call to serve again by running for Congress and are taking the pledge to put principles before politics.