Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Double Time Capital
Co-Founder, Carolina for Kibera

Rye Barcott

Co-Founder & CEO

CEO, FPPCO | Invest America
Former CEO, Americans Elect
Former President, StudentsFirst

Kahlil Byrd

Senior Advisor

Former Executive Assistant to the CEO
Former Executive Assistant to Managing Partners
Former Director of Operations and Human Resources

Lori Campbell

Administrative Director

Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
Former Managing Director, Pallas Advisors
Former Special Assistant, Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense

Fran DuFrayne

Chief Operating Officer

Former Chief of Staff, U.S. House Office
Former CDO, Work Skills Corporation
Presidential Appointee, US Selective Service System

Allan Filip

Senior Vice President

Former Chief Research Assistant to David Gergen
Former COVID-19 Testing Center Manager, 2020 Democratic Convention and 59th Presidential Inaugural Committee
Former Belfer Center International and Global Affairs Fellow

Greg Honan

Communications Director

Former Vice President of Political Strategies, MDSC
Former Campaign Manager
Former Fundraising Consultant

Jennie Johnson

Vice President

Veteran, U.S. Army
Former consultant, The Boston Consulting Group
Former philanthropy director

Thomas Leonard

Strategic Advisor to the CEO

Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
Former Voting Rights Director, Priorities USA
Former Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Senate Office

Rory Steele

Chief of Staff

Advisory Board

Vice President and Co-Founder, Bezos Family Foundation
Board Member, Aspen Institute and New Classrooms
Board Member, National Constitution Center

Mr. Mike Bezos

Veteran, US Marine Corps
Vice President, Schmidt Futures
Author, Union: A Democrat, a Republican, and a Search for Common Ground

Mr. Jordan Blashek

Retired Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force
Former Dean of Faculty, U.S. Air Force Academy
Co-Director, Harvard Center for Public Leadership

BG(R) Dana Born

19th White House Chief of Staff
Co-Chair, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility & Reform
Board of Directors: Facebook, Morgan Stanley, and Norfolk Southern

Hon. Erskine Bowles

U.S. Navy Veteran
Co-Founder, The Gilbert & Jacki Cisneros Foundation
Former Member of Congress (D-CA)

Hon. Gil Cisneros

Founder and Chairman, Three Ships

Mr. Zach Clayton

Veteran, U.S. Air Force
Co-Founder, Bipartisan Policy Center
Former Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Tom Daschle

Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
Co-Founder, With Honor Action
CEO and Founder, Second Front

Mr. Peter Dixon

Partner, Vianovo
Former Deputy Assistant to the President, Media Affairs and Global Communications
Political and communications strategist

Mr. Tucker Eskew

Veteran, U.S. Navy
CEO, Concord Energy Holdings
Former Deputy Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of Defense

Mr. Matt Flavin

CEO and Founder, Sallyport Investments
Former Chairman, President, and CEO, El Paso Corporation
Director and Co-Founder, NextOp Vets; Director, Combined Arms

Mr. Doug Foshee

Veteran, U.S. Air Force
22nd Secretary of Defense
24th Chancellor of William & Mary

Hon. Robert Gates

Veteran, U.S. Navy
Former Presidential Advisor to four U.S. Presidents
Co-Founder, With Honor

Mr. David Gergen

Recipient of the Medal of Honor
Author, 8 Seconds of Courage: A Soldier’s Story
Board Member, Warriors Ethos

CPT(R) Florent Groberg

Veteran, U.S. Air Force
President, Robert Morris University
Former Presidential Appointee, National Security Education Board

Dr. Christopher Howard

Military Spouse, U.S. Marine Corps
Senior Staff Attorney, Veterans Legal Institute
Former Chair, CE&S Foundation

Mrs. Nancy Jones

Gold Star family member
President, Travis Manion Foundation
Township Supervisor, Doylestown, PA

Ms. Ryan Manion

Retired, JP Morgan
Former Chair, National Humanities Center
Trustee, Duke University and Johnson C Smith University

Ms. Patricia Morton

17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Board of Directors, Bloomberg Philanthropies
Professor, Princeton University

ADM(R) Michael Mullen

Veteran, US Navy
Board Member, Swords to Plowshares
Board Member, Polco

Mr. Michael Thiel

EVP, Worldwide Government, Legal and Business Affairs, MacAndrews & Forbes, Inc.
Senior National Security Analyst, CBS
Former Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism

Ms. Frances Townsend

44th Surgeon General of the U.S. Army
Board of Directors, Johnson & Johnson
Board of Trustees, Mount St. Mary's University

LTG(R) Nadja West

Honorary Advisors

Hon. Michèle Flournoy

CEO, WestExec Advisors

Prof. Richard Kohn

Professor Emeritus of Peace, War, and Defense, UNC-Chapel-Hill

Mr. Truman Semans

Senior Advisor, Brown Advisory

Hon George Shultz

60th U.S. Secretary of State (in memoriam)

Sen John Warner

Former U.S. Senator from Virginia