House Republicans Gear Up to Investigate the Afghanistan Withdrawal

The GOP is planning probes next year of the chaotic 2021 withdrawal. Is there room for a real reckoning—or just partisan point-scoring?

House Republicans have made no secret of their desire to investigate the Biden administration and the president’s family members when they take over the chamber in January. They have promised probes of the president’s son Hunter, the administration’s border security policies, and the FBI and Department of Justice’s alleged politicization. But Republicans have also pledged to investigate the chaotic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in August 2021.

“Above all, the veterans deserve answers as to what happened. Why did it go so badly? Why were Americans left behind? Why were Afghan partners we promised to protect, 100,000 of them, left to the Taliban?” Republican Representative Michael McCaul, the incoming chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a brief interview on Tuesday. “For you to make this kind of decision, for God’s sake have a plan. And what was the plan? I haven’t seen one.”

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