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    With Honor Action Endorses the Building Civic Bridges Act

    With Honor Action Endorses the Building Civic Bridges Act

    Washington, DC – With Honor Action is proud to endorse the bipartisan Building Civic Bridges Act, led by Rep. Derek Kilmer and Rep. Andy Barr. This bill would establish a new pilot program within AmeriCorps that would focus on building relationships between people and communities, in an effort to address the root causes of polarization.

    The country is divided right now, and organizations like With Honor Action and AmeriCorps could be key to fixing this issue. The Building Civic Bridges Act would take a step in healing our divisiveness by establishing the Office of Civic Bridge Building within AmeriCorps, a long-time friend and partner of With Honor Action. This new program would support bridge building efforts across the country, train members in these programs, and support research on effective bridge building.

    “With Honor Action fights polarization in Congress with principled bipartisan veterans who are united in the conviction that our country can be reunited through service,” said Rye Barcott, Co-Founder and CEO of With Honor Action. “We are proud to endorse the Building Civic Bridges Act and we look forward to working with AmeriCorps to enable more Americans from all walks of life to serve.”

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