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    With Honor Action to Congress: Pass The Pay Our Troops Act

    With Honor Action to Congress: Pass The Pay Our Troops Act

    Washington, DC — With Honor Action is calling on Congress to pass H.R. 5641, the Pay Our Troops Act immediately, to protect military pay in the instance of a possible government shutdown.

    While previous shutdowns have not impacted military pay, currently Congress has not passed legislation ensuring that soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, cadets and guardians are protected. We can never let our service men and women go without pay, putting their financial security at risk and weakening our national defense.

    The Pay Our Troops Act, co-sponsored by numerous members of the bipartisan For Country Caucus, will protect members of the military, including the Coast Guard, as well as certain U.S. Department of Defense civilian employees should Congress fail to provide temporary or full-year federal funding by September 30, 2023.

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