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    With Honor Action Outlines Top NDAA Priorities in Letter to For Country Caucus Staffers

    With Honor Action Outlines Top NDAA Priorities in Letter to For Country Caucus Staffers

    June 7, 2024

    To the Staff of Members of the House Armed Services Committee and of the For Country Caucus,

    To date, members of the For Country Caucus have been successful in driving bipartisan, common-sense solutions for our nation, and have targeted the annual defense bill as the vehicle to contain these efforts. As the House of Representatives and the Rules Committee begin consideration of floor amendments to the FY25 NDAA, we ask that you consider cosponsoring With Honor Action’s top 6 priorities, many of which are led by members of the For Country Caucus, listed here.

    • Amndt #542 – Establishes the United States Foundation for International Conservation and requires eligible projects to be cost-matched at a ratio of two (2) dollars from private and other sources to every one (1) dollar of U.S. Government funding (Identical to H.R. 6727 – U.S. Foundation for International Conservation Act of 2023); Representatives John James, Jason Crow, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Zach Nunn, Salud Carbajal, Chris Deluzio, Jimmy Panetta, and Rich McCormick
    • Amndt #1271 – Requires Secretary of Defense to establish a Multilateral Artificial Intelligence Working Group tasked with developing and coordinating an artificial intelligence initiative among the allies and partners of the United States; Representative Nick LaLota
    • Amndt #1028 – Extension & modification to Ukraine Lend-Lease authority; Representatives Brian Fitzpatrick, Jared Golden, & Seth Moulton
    • Amndt #465 – Creates a Cyber Academy Commission that will examine the possibility of the creation of a government-funded university that will educate the next generation of leaders in the defense and intelligence industries in technology, cybersecurity, cyber defense, computer science, computer engineering, information technology, artificial intelligence, and related fields; Representative Chrissy Houlahan
    • Amndt #1012 – Prohibitions resting to covered distributed ledger technology and blockchain equipment or services; Representatives Zach Nunn, Don Davis, and Brad Wenstrup (similar to H.R. 6307 – CLARITY Act of 2023)
    • Amndt #454 – Prohibition on contracting with certain biotechnology providers; Representatives Brad Wenstrup, Seth Moulton, and Don Davis (similar to H.R. 8333 – BIOSECURE Act as reported by the Oversight Committee)

    With Honor Action also supports the following 59 provisions, which are led on a bipartisan basis by members of the For Country Caucus and friends of the Caucus:


    • #59 – Defense industrial base advanced capabilities pilot program (similar to H.R. 3147, also known as Investing in American Defense Technology Act); Rep. Houlahan
    • #101 – Air Force rapid response language pilot program; Rep. Bacon
    • #139 – Improvements to commercialization and technical and business assistance for the SBIR program and STTR program (similar to H.R. 3056 – Research Advancing to Market Production for Innovators Act); Reps. Houlahan & Fitzpatrick (PA)
    • #160 – Funding for pilot program on improving Marine Corps supply chain and logistics through the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning software solutions; Rep. Davis
    • #227 – Pilot program to test standalone electro-digital technology to improve efficiencies in supply-chain management, medical readiness, and medical processes; Rep. Houlahan
    • #296 – Department of Defense use of large language models; Rep. Luttrell
    • #395 – National Digital Reserve Corps (similar to H.R. 162 – National Digital Reserve Corps Act); Reps. Gonzales & Davis
    • #629 – Operation Cattle Drive; Reps. Bergman, Carbajal, & McCormick
    • #1103 – Budget recommendations for multiyear procurement of priority items; Rep. James
    • #1241 – Modernization of Information Technology Systems and Applications of the Bureau of Industry and Security to improve the capabilities of export controls; Rep. Crow
      #99 – Certain restrictions related to aircraft in Iran; Rep. Pfluger
    • #128 – Modification of requirements for transfers of United States defense articles and services among the Baltic states; Reps. Houlahan, & Panetta
    • #240 – Key partners for Middle East regional integration military subject matter expert exchange program; Reps. Panetta & Bacon
    • #419 – FORTRESS Act; Rep. Moulton
    • #509 – Report on the military and economic security of Central Asia; Rep. Panetta
    • #717 – Independent study on interagency efforts to counter Gray Zone operations of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea; Rep. Pfluger
    • #723 – Addendum to the Department of State and USAID Joint Strategic Plan FY 2022-2026; Rep. Pfluger
    • #824 – Report on the use of major non-NATO ally status for Kenya; Rep. James
    • #839 – Extension of Global Engagement Center; Rep. Crow
    • #936 – Establishment of a War Reserve Stock program for Taiwan; Rep. Panetta
    • #1013 – Enhancing weapons research with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Japan; Rep. Moulton
    • #1037 – National Gray Zone Director; Rep. Pfluger
    • #1038 – Strategic partnership on defense industrial priorities between the United States and Israel; Rep. Nunn
    • #1055 – Report on potential strategic partnership between the Defense Innovation Unit and the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense; Rep. Nunn
    • #1075 – Report relating to the provision of certain information in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and resulting conflict; Rep. Sherrill
    • #1102 – Comprehensive strategy to counter Gray Zone activities and other hybrid warfare; Rep. Pfluger


    • #35 – National Academies study on prevalence and mortality of cancer among individuals who served as active duty crew in the Armed Forces (similar to H.R. 4886 – ACES Act); Rep. Pfluger
    • #103 – Retroactive effective date of promotions of senior officers of Armed Forces that were delayed as a result of suspension of Senate confirmation (similar to H.R. 6736 – Military Personnel Confirmation Restoration Act); Rep. Bacon
    • #105 – Provision by Department of Veterans Affairs health care providers of recommendations and opinions regarding veteran participation in state marijuana programs (similar to H.R. 2431 – Veterans Equal Access Act); Rep. Mast
    • #231 – Pilot program on pre-programming of suicide prevention resources into smart devices issued to members of the Armed Services (similar to H.R. 3009 – Military Suicide Prevention in the 21st Century Act); Rep. Fitzpatrick (PA)
    • #393 – Family Separation Allowance amount; Reps. Gonzales, Moulton, & Bacon
    • #507 – Servicemembers Civil Relief Act: Automatic extension of residential lease during deployment by lessee; Rep. Sherrill
    • #511 – Contracting goal for the AbilityOne program; Reps. Amodei & Panetta
    • #582 – Implementation report on the Quality of Life Panel’s recommendations; Rep. Gonzales
    • #657 – Credit for Certain Members of the Armed Forces who Served in Female Cultural Support Teams (similar to H.R. 1753 – Jax Act); Rep. Issa (CA)
    • #670 – Additional duty of the military pharmaceutical and medical device vulnerability working group; Rep. Houlahan & Kiggans (VA)
    • #695 – Expansion of employment flexibility for spouses of members of the Armed Services to spouses of members of the Foreign Service (similar to H.R. 6462 – Resilient Employment and Authorization Determination to Increase the National Employment of Serving Spouses (READINESS) Act); Rep. Houlahan
    • #736 – Training and internships for transitioning members through institutions of higher education (similar to H.R. 7097 – College Opportunities for Servicemembers Act); Reps. Sherrill & Kiggans (VA)
    • #799 – Opt-out sharing of information on members retiring or separating from the Armed Forces with community-based organizations and related entities; Rep. Golden
    • #815 – Reassignment for certain members of the Armed Forces on the basis of the residence of a dependent child (similar to H.R. 5100 – Military Family’s Ability to Move In Line with Your (FAMILY) Dependents Act); Rep. Crow
    • #820 – Briefing on Army organizational clothing and equipment used in cold and extreme cold weather environments; Reps. Amodei & Kiggans (VA)
    • #832 – Pilot program on collecting and analyzing data regarding certain veteran suicides (similar to H.R. 6330 – Veterans’ Sentinel Act); Rep. Crow
    • #869 – Special operations brain health and trauma program (Sec. 5 of H.R. 8025 – Blast Overpressure Safety Act); Reps. Khanna, Stefanik, Gonzales, and Crow
    • #871 – Annual Training on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse for Students in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (similar to H.R. 2711 – Shielding America’s Youth From Exploitation Act); Reps. Davis and Moulton
    • #883 – Establishment of the National Intrepid Center of Excellence as a program of record (Sec. 6 of H.R. 8025 – Blast Overpressure Safety Act); Reps. Khanna, Stefanik, Gonzales, and Crow
    • #904 – Report on efforts to coordinate with allies and partners (Sec. 2(d)(5) of H.R. 8025 – Blast Overpressure Safety Act); Reps. Khanna, Stefanik, Gonzales, and Crow
    • #980 – Addressing mental health issues in the Transition Assistance Program of the Department of Defense and the Solid Start Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (similar to H.R. 3722 – Daniel J. Harvey, Jr. and Adam Lambert Improving Servicemember Transition to Reduce Veteran Suicide Act); Reps. Nunn, Miller-Meeks, Davis, & Kiggans (VA)
    • #1172 – Ensures that podiatrists are assigned to the Medical Corps of each military department; Rep. Wenstrup


    • #155 – Reports on critical mineral and rare earth element resources and strategy on mining, refining, separation, and processing technologies (similar to H.R. 7662 – Critical Minerals Security Act of 2024); Reps. Houlahan & Waltz
    • #237 – Critical infrastructure compatibility tabletop exercise; Rep. Panetta
    • #239 – Authority to place certain retired members of the armed forces in the ready reserve; pay; Reps. Wenstrup & Panetta
    • #243 – Requirement to procure domestically produced generic drugs; Rep. Wenstrup
    • #251 – Inclusion of special operations forces in planning and strategy relating to the Arctic Region; Rep. Panetta
    • #272 – Tri-service arctic maritime strategy; Rep. Amodei
    • #503 – Prohibition on certain exports (similar to H.R. 293 – Banning Oil Exports to Foreign Adversaries Act); Reps. Houlahan & Fitzpatrick (PA)
    • #711 – Public database on malicious foreign actors; Rep. Sherrill
    • #1095 – Port infrastructure development program application process; Rep. Carbajal
    • #1171 – Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Expansion (similar to H.R. 6524 – Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Expansion Act); Rep. Houlahan


    • #374 – Establishment of interagency council on service (similar to H.R. 8479, also known as Unity Through Service Act); Reps. Houlahan, Waltz, Panetta, & Bergman

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