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    With Honor Action Praises the Bipartisan Omnibus Appropriations Package

    CHARLOTTE, NC – With Honor Action praises the bipartisan efforts behind the passage of the omnibus appropriations package in the House. In this pivotal time, this legislation provides a critical investment in security assistance and humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people, and crucial long-term investments in artificial intelligence and cyber capabilities in the U.S. government. With Honor Action and the bipartisan, veteran-led For Country Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives we work alongside, have previously called for urgent aid to Ukraine and long-term support for artificial intelligence and cyber. As the legislation moves towards a vote in the Senate, we call on the U.S. Senate to pass it on a bipartisan basis.

    “The bipartisan nature of the omnibus appropriations package is incredibly promising. We are grateful to see some of With Honor Action’s highest priorities in the legislation, including investments we have been advocating for in artificial intelligence and cyber, as well as urgent humanitarian and national security assistance for the Ukrainian people,” says Rye Barcott, With Honor Action Co-Founder and CEO. “I look forward to seeing this legislation pass the Senate. It is time for bold bipartisan action that shows the world the United States is leading the effort to help Ukrainians and their democratically elected government, not paralyzing partisan division in this time of crisis.”

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