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    With Honor Action Statement on Bipartisan Policies to Support Ukraine

    CHARLOTTE, NC – The Ukrainian people are in a fight for their democracy. Members of Congress, including the veterans in the For Country Caucus that With Honor Action works alongside, have condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine, engaged with the Ukrainian government and people, and proven there is space for bipartisan support of our allies. With Honor Action calls on Congress to seize this opportunity to develop bipartisan policies in support of Ukraine. We must give the Ukrainian people the tools they need to protect their freedom, sovereignty, and security.

    There are a number of specific policies to help the Ukrainian people that already have bipartisan support:

    • A funding package of at least $10 billion for humanitarian and national security assistance to Ukraine.
    • Measures to strengthen Ukrainian air defense, including a three-way deal with Poland to transfer fighter jets to Ukraine.
    • A U.S. embargo on Russian energy, including oil, coupled with a comprehensive plan to stabilize U.S. oil prices.

    This is a time for bold bipartisan action, not paralyzing partisan division. With Honor Action continues to stand with Ukraine and the bipartisan veterans in Congress we support. We call on all of Congress to show solidarity and take immediate action.

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